Release - PooCoin Price Bot | Telegram

2 min readJul 3, 2021


How to Add the Newest FREE Telegram Price Bot to Your Group

Adding the new PooCoin Telegram price bot to your group is easy…and free. This price bot offers candlestick view and the ability to change the displayed token at the click of a button.

The easiest way to add the bot is by CLICKING HERE and interacting with the bot itself. Make sure to already have your telegram group created and ready for the bot to be added.

How to Add the Bot to Your Server

A Step-by-Step Guide

Invite @Poocoin_Pricebot to your group and set as admin.
Type /set_token {Contract Address} (without the brackets)

How to add additional text:
You can set additional text on the end of each price response with the command /set_message {message} (without the brackets)
You can add links inside the message using the HTML <a> tag.

Example: <a href=”">PooCoin Chart</a>

What the Embedded Links Look Like

How to Use:
Anyone in the group can type /price
Admins in the group can type /set_token | /set_message | /price

It is that simple! We hope this helps spruce up your telegram chat a bit by providing direct information to your community all in one place without ever having to leave the group.



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