PooCoin Charts Now on Polygon | How to Bridge


You can now chart all your favorite tokens on Polygon using PooCoin.app! Those who are already on the Polygon Network can access the charting by switching from Binance Smart Chain to Matic Mainnet. Anyone who has not made the plunge yet will find the steps below to be quite helpful!

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How to Bridge from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon

There are a few different ways to transfer from BEP20 BNB to ERC20 Polygon.
Use this guide, or follow the guide below for a more in-depth walkthrough..

My personal favorite method for swapping from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon is with the Orbitchain Bridge:

  • Click “Select a Coin”
    Select “BNB Binance Smart Chain”
    Click “OK”
  • Select Validator Group
    Select BSC
    Click “OK”
  • Click “Select Chain”
    Click “BSC”
  • The Wallet Connect Window Will Appear
    Click the Metamask Icon in the Pop-Up Window
    Click “OK”
  • Enter the Amount You Wish to Convert
  • Click “To Chain”
    Select Polygon

The token that you will receive on the Polygon network will be PBNB (Polygon BNB) You will need to swap this token into Matic tokens after bridging.

  • Copy Your Metamask Address that You Want to Receive PBNB on the Polygon Network
  • Paste the Address into “Recipient Address” Field
    Click “Convert Now”

Open Metamask > Click Your Icon > Settings > Networks > Add Network

Network Name
Matic Mainnet


Chain ID

Currency Symbol (optional)

Block Explorer URL (optional)


As mentioned above, you will not have Matic tokens after switching to the Matic(Polygon) Network. You will instead have PBNB, you will also not see them until you add the contract address to your Metamask wallet.

Orbit Bridge Polygon Token: 0x7e9928afe96fefb820b85b4ce6597b8f660fe4f4

You will now see PBNB in your wallet.

You will also most likely not have MATIC in your wallet.

Navigate to the Polygon Faucet to get enough MATIC for one transaction. This will allow you to swap your PBNB.

Connect your MetaMask wallet via Polygon Network.

You will now have enough MATIC to swap your PBNB on QuickSwap. Click “Select a Token” and paste the PBNB contract address into the field. Next click the arrow in between the “From” and “To” fields to swap their positions.

After swapping your PBNB to MATIC tokens you now have the native currency of the Polygon chain.

If you have any questions about PooCoin.app charting on the Polygon Network, find any bugs or need more direct help than this guide offers, please visit the PooCoin Official Telegram

Article by TUKYO