How to Feature Auto-Swap on YOUR Website!

Jun 8, 2021 allows you to embed it’s revolutionary auto swapping feature

One of the newest features offered by PooCoin allows it’s users to swap directly on the website without having to navigate to PancakeSwap.
This feature can be accessed in many different ways:

Navigate to the Trade Panel via Menu
Navigate to Trade via Chart Page (Top Right)

How to Embed on Your Website?

Follow these Simple Steps

Navigate to the “Trade” tab at the top of
Enter the token you wish to be embedded into the “To” field. (Notice after I do that in the video below it changes into: “To (POOCOIN)
Click the embed button at the top right of the swapping interface (</>)

Click the </> button on the left to open the embed tool for your token once inputted into the “to” field.